10 Relatable Things Every SKincare Enthusiast Can Agree To

From checking Beyonce’s internet for product reviews to knowing about ingredients to use for your skin, you might just be a skincare enthusiast in the making. You don’t believe me? 

Here are 10 things you can relate to as a skincare enthusiast.

1. You use sunscreen every day and know the right way to use it

Do your eyes light up when others speak “sunscreen-ese”? You are ready to talk about what SPF means and how to figure out which one your friends should use

2. You know what double cleansing means 

At first, you probably were like, “What in skincare problem is wrong with these people?” Then after seeing skincare influencers or reading more-it made sense.

PS- Here’s a look at one method of double cleansing 

3. You know Your Skin Type

This is now a no-brainer. Gone are those days you didn’t know what your skin type was or even what it meant. Now you can relate to words like T-zone, oily and acne-prone, or dry and sensitive with a good understanding. No one can stop you now on your quest to have healthy skin, skincare bestie!

4. You actually read skincare ingredients

I don’t expect you to read all the ingredients, but if you know to watch out for great ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid, lactic acid, zinc oxide (for sunscreens) and the list goes on. Look at you, skincare enthusiast! 

If you read skin care product reviews before buying or you know some of these random things, then you're a skincare enthusiast. don't believe me? Check this out. Click To Tweet

5. You read reviews first before making a purchase.

Gone are the days when you went on a splurge to buy the most raved-about product. Now you do your research, ask questions or even watch videos before buying the product. I see you and I’m proud of you!

6. You have attempted reapplying sunscreen or you reapply 

I personally don’t reapply sunscreen because the thought of using my fingers during the day to reapply still hasn’t clicked for me. I look forward to getting those sunscreen sticks for easy application. Nonetheless, I have to commend my skincare enthusiasts who do so religiously. Y’all are the MVPs.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick On Amazon

7. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)  are a walk in the park for you

AHAs and BHAs don’t faze you? You can list these chemical exfoliators and their uses without flinching? Who’s this skincare enthusiast please! I’ll like to speak with you to drop some gems of wisdom.

8. Even when you’re broke you’ve mapped out the products you must try

Do you still add to the cart despite your account balance being on red? Welcome, my dear. You are a skincare enthusiast. That can be the only explanation for spending all your money on skincare products and preparing to restock even when you’re broke. 

9. Acting Like You’re in a commercial anytime you’re applying a product

Do you act like you’re in a commercial once it’s time to apply your skincare products? Please tell me I’m not alone in this. 

10. You’re always ready to share your thoughts about the products you use

You take note of the smell, texture, and feeling any product leaves you with after use, and you can’t wait to share your review.

I believe there’s something else you may be able to relate to as a skincare lover.

Bonus- You know the affordable skincare stores to get your products

Finally, your friends can ask you about the affordable stores to get your skincare products from because you always deliver. That right there, is a skincare enthusiast premium, lol.

I hope you see that deep down, you’re actually a skincare enthusiast, and it’s not reserved for a select few. The goal is healthy skin over perfect and I won’t rest till all my ADI skincare enthusiasts are educated about effective and affordable skincare practices. 

Did you relate to any of these points? Let me know which in the comments!


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