The Best Online Skincare Stores In Nigeria Worth Trying

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The next question people usually have after deciding to “up” their skincare game is, “Where can I buy quality products from?” Skincare stores in Nigeria are becoming popular and for a good reason. We are becoming more aware of healthy skin care practices and knowing where to buy skincare products in Nigeria is important.

I’ve gotten some requests as to where I buy my skincare products from or some recommendations, so this post is long overdue. Before sharing some of the stores I recommend, here are 3 things you need to watch out for before making your decision about any skincare store.


If a store keeps getting referrals from different people and not just your friends, then the store is likely to be legit.


If you also know people who have bought from them and can attest to the quality of products purchased, then the skincare store is one to check.

A Good History

Check the track record of the store. How long have they been posting? Have they been consistent over time? This gives you an idea of their credibility.

Credible SkinCare Stores In Nigeria

Ps- This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and based on personal experiences and of those close to me.

1. Paxo Beauty

Paxo Beauty is a hub for the most affordable drugstore skincare brands like Beauty formula, Face facts, etc. I have gotten some products from there for as little as #800 (Sheet masks). I love them because they’re accessible, organized, and have good customer service. 

2. Beauty by Daz

I recently tried Beauty by Daz from a recommendation on TikTok. That app can be a goldmine as there are some good resources there. Their prices are also good and I’m on my second purchase from them with no hassles.

Beauty Of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water As Seen On Beauty By Daz


3. Allure beauty

I have not purchased from this store, but I got some recommendations from people who have tried them in my Tioktk community. I also like that they have hair products in addition to skincare and makeup. Think of them as a one-stop beauty store. Their prices are also reasonable from what I checked and they have a variety of options.

4. Buy better

This store is the OG of affordable products and almost everyone knows them. It was my first introduction to affordable online skincare stores in Nigeria by my friend. I love their customer service, plus they also have tons of good reviews. My only issue is that most products are usually out of stock online so except you don’t mind going to their physical store, that can be annoying.

My TikTok Video Showing Some Skincare Stores In Nigeria

5. Shop with Teeka

This is the store creating some buzz lately. My sister got from them recently and they were timely. Their products are also within a good range and lots of reviews have shown their credibility. The educational content they give on their social media pages is a huge plus as well. 

6. Miwa Beauty Store

This is another Tiktok find! I was pleasantly surprised at the range of products that were in stock. I haven’t bought from them yet, but I have checked their socials and website and they have a good track record.

Despite the scare about shopping for skincare products online, here are some of the best online skincare stores in Nigeria worth trying from my experience. Click To Tweet

7. Hdskin

If you’re looking for a K-beauty hub then this is the store for you! They have a wide range of products for K-beauty lovers and also share educational tips and how-tos.

8. 24 essentials

This store is run by a certified cosmetic scientist and doctor. I have purchased from the store and can attest to the quality products that are always available. I also love that the owner gives skincare consultations and is willing to answer questions and concerns.

There are tons of other skincare stores, but these are some of the best I have come across so far. I’ll update the list as I get more experience.

Have you bought from any of these stores before? Let me know in the comments

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