How To Have A Simple College Student Skincare Routine

College skincare routine

As a college student, you can relate to how time seems to go so fast. You barely have time for yourself talk less of adding skincare. Having a skincare routine as a college student is not nearly impossible as you think! I was never a skincare advocate.

Growing up, I battled with terrible acne. I would look at some of my friends and wonder what it was like to have a “smooth” face. It’s such an irony that college marked the start of skincare for me despite its challenges.

It is now a goal of mine to inspire other college students to develop a renewed mindset towards their skincare routine. The journey to giving a hoot about my skin has been one of growth for me. I assumed that effective skincare was one of the fancy things people talked about, but wasn’t attainable. How wrong!

Let’s be honest, being in college (or university if you may), saps out energy for other things. From midnight reading to 8a.m. classes and tests, it’s easy to think you’ll never have time for skincare. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be complex. A simple skincare routine is as effective.

How can a college student incorporate a simple skincare routine?

#1- Discipline

The first step is discipline. Good skin isn’t a drop-down-from-heaven gift. It literally starts with a decision to be intentional about it.

#2- Map out a simple pattern for your skincare.

I cannot stress the importance of this. Also, you want something that is suited to you. Remember that being a college student can be pretty overwhelming, so you may not have time to practice the “10-steps-morning-routine” I see on YouTube. I find that sticking with the basics helps build consistency.

A simple college student skincare routine includes (but is not limited to):

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize
  • Apply a sunscreen
  • Don’t forget to give attention to your lips too. Use a lip balm to keep them moisturized.

I would advise that you set some weekends aside to get a face mask done or give special care to your face.

#3- Be accountable

Have an accountability partner. This may sound weird, but have you noticed how you seem more inspired when you embark on a new task with your friends?

My friend and roomie in my 3rd year literally pushed me to do better with my skin. Funny enough, it wasn’t just in words, but in action. She barely missed her skincare routine. She would challenge me to put the action if I wanted to see results. With her, I had a renewed perspective of a healthy face. I also have a friend who is into retailing skincare products and she loves it so much that she’s always willing to give some advice on it whenever I ask.

#4- Wipe that make-up before bed, sis

Take your makeup off. Really, this is such a hidden culprit. Ever come back from an event and hit the bed immediately? You forget to take off the makeup and that clogs your pores. Not the best thing.

Make a conscious effort to wipe it off immediately you return to the hostel. It’s very easy to forget that your makeup needs to be cleaned off especially when you’re exhausted. You don’t want all your good skincare work to be taken 3 steps backward as a result of leaving your makeup overnight consistently.

#5- Drink lots of water

What you take into your body reflects on the exterior. An average of 8 glasses of water daily is advised. While it is not the most easy thing to do, drinking more water has been proven to have good benefits. You can have a handy bottle of water that you take along during lectures, ward rounds or break time and so on. Make sure you modify your intake based on your circumstances. E.g. if you exercise often, the weather, etc.

#6- Take it slow

Lastly, this may sound controversial, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss days. Remember that as you juggle school work and other activities, it may be overwhelming on some days. Notice what your body needs and treat it right.

Ps- skincare isn’t magic. It’s a lifestyle. You have to be intentional and enjoy the journey.

I won’t be going into products in this post but watch out for that soon.

Do you have a skincare routine in college? Share a struggle with me in the comments.


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