October Update and Thriving in Final Year of medical school.

Happy new month friends!

This post starts with thriving because that’s all I hope for in this phase of my life. To be fair, this final year of med school is one of a kind.

Lately, I prefer to just write in my journal and my note app when the ideas come to mind. Still, I would be lying if I said it’s been easy. Nonetheless, this post is not to be sad, but to give you an update on the past month.

Post Contents

School and Life

I’m currently in my second posting. That means I’m in the 2nd rotation of the 4 rotations that make up my final year. Precisely surgery posting. The resident strike is finally over and the patients arrived like a river with no dam.

In other words, I’ve been an overworked student. Asides from the fact that sleep never feels enough lately, I’m generally exhausted. In the midst of this madness, doing my devotion and exercising have been hard. Especially the latter. I recently heard that you make time for what matters to you. That has been a reminder to encourage myself when I go days giving the excuse to not seek God’s face.

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Next up, I finished Stop Calling Me Beautiful by Phylicia Masonheimer. It was part of what brought me joy. Currently, I’m reading Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal, and What’s Best Next by Matt Perman.


As much as the stress was “choking”, I got some good moments in October. Moments where I took a breather and just had fun.

On October, 16th, my classmates and I took a break from the “rollercoaster” and had our first final year class event at Kodo beach house, Lagos. It was an experience to remember and definitely one of the beach houses you should visit in Lagos.

On October 29th, I attended my final departmental dinner. It felt surreal! I took a mental note of all the past dinners and how far my colleagues and I had come.

The month ended with a stressful posting (Neurosurgery), but I got a highlight- scrubbing in for the first time! Trust me to have a picture. More pictures will be on my Instagram and Pinterest (follow to be updated).

October came with random messages of encouragement, opportunities, and love some of you share with me. It’s part of what keeps a baby girl moving.

That’s it for now. My current season is school, and I hope to thrive.

What season are you currently in, and how has it been? Let me know in the comments!


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  • […] It was always applied during their weddings and I found them intriguing. Fast forward to over 12 years, and in the spirit of trying new things as a young adult, I decided to get one done. The perfect opportunity came when I had an event with my classmates at a beach house. […]

  • Chibike Belolise 2 years ago Reply

    Had a wavy October… grateful for how it turned out tho. Looking forward to an awesome November to live, love and grow

    iruoma 2 years ago Reply

    It will be a good one, baby❤️

  • Chibike Belolise 2 years ago Reply

    Had a wavy October… grateful for how it turned out tho. Looking forward to an awesome November to live, love and grow. Great read


  • marizon ilogert 1 year ago Reply

    Rattling clean site, appreciate it for this post.

    Iruoma Osonwa 1 year ago Reply

    Thank you!

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