Celebrating Twenty-Six With a Bucket List: 30 Things To Do Before 30

Hello, 26!

Who starts a new year with a list of 30 things to do before 30? Iruoma!

Before I get into my list, here are a few things I’ve been thinking about

I know we say age is just a number, but am I the one clocking this age? It feels surreal because I remember looking at people at that age with certain expectations. Obviously, that’s not my story, but today is not the day to think about the “what ifs” or “maybes.” I’m also quite glad about mine thus far because God is definitely glorified.

This year, I planned to enjoy the day thoroughly (and I did!). The last time I was really in the moment was for my 23rd birthday during the pandemic. Subsequently, I was always sad whenever my birthday came around because I felt stagnant.

Thankfully, this year was much better, and while being done with school is one of the reasons, I think growing has helped with that.


My bucket list is 30 random things I would love to do before turning 30. Thirty years is a big deal, and I’ve heard it’s as enjoyable as you want it. So instead of dreading my 30s because of the expectations I put on myself, I’ll take the better route and look forward to it while living!


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Let’s go ahead!

1. New piercings

Getting new piercings is top on my list for the late part of my 20s. I already got one in 2020 but only the right ear appropriately healed. That was my fault anyways; that’s not the point. I’m thinking of a new ear piercing and a nose one.

2. A Tattoo

I’ve always wanted a classy tattoo. You know, those that are small, noticeable and spark conversations? Those kinds! Now that I know what I want to get, all that remains is to move to my place so I don’t answer many questions- lool!

3. Travel to Paris again

The first time I went to Paris was as a child in secondary school. It was a school trip, and I barely knew the significance of what I was experiencing save for “it’s a different country.” Now that I’m older, I want to visit Paris for two reasons:

  • Explore the beauty section- France (Europe generally) has a track record of some of the best skincare and beauty products.
  • It’s the city of love, duh?

4. Get married

This is self-explanatory. winks

5. Author a best-selling book (or 2)

Writing a book and publishing it has always been my dream. I grew up reading and loved to tell my sisters all the stories I made up. Getting into uni took that from me (yes, I must blame medical school), but my desire to share something with the world runs deep, and I look forward to it, God willing!

6. Move to a new country

Who doesn’t have this on their bucket list?

I want to experience different cultures, and people and try something different from what I’ve always known.

7. Solo Travelling

While we can agree that the world isn’t safe, especially if you’re a woman travelling alone, I still want to experience travelling alone. I follow Alma Asinobi on Twitter and Instagram, and she shares her experience as a travel blogger. I think one should experience travelling alone once in their lifetime. If it happens before 30, that would be awesome! If not, I keep dreaming!

8. Pick Up French Again

When I wrote French in my WAEC (West African Examination Council examination), Hello? I could take on the world with my French,

Silly me!

I have toyed with the idea of learning French again and even joined a Duolingo group for French. Your girl missed all their physical meetings; I have to do better.

Otherwise, being able to communicate again in French is definitely one thing I look forward to before 30.


9. Have a Girls’ Getaway

They say adulthood creeps up on us, and we have to plan for every meeting with our friends. While that’s my reality, I look forward to a girls’ trip (or trips) before 30. It doesn’t even have to be complex or going to another country right now. A weekend without social media to refresh and have conversations would be fantastic!

10. Do Something Scary

The only thing I’ve been looking at is skydiving. I’m not swimming with sharks, please!

“Iruoma, where do you plan to do this?” Don’t ask me, dear. I’m dreaming well.

11. Take My Health Seriously

Being committed to health insurance and finding an exercise routine I love and can stick with is essential.

12. Educate Wo(men) on Skincare and Beauty

I got an opportunity to speak to students during a beauty campaign in May this year. What I heard from people concerning their perceptions of skincare and beauty made me resolve to educate more people.

13. A Makeover

Before 30, I hope to get a new permanent hair colour or cut my hair. Who knows what decision I’ll make?

The past months have seen me experimenting with eyelash extensions and getting my brows microbladed. I’m learning to be a bit more spontaneous and actually do things instead of overthinking.

14. Attend A Play Or Orchestra

I want to attend a play and enjoy the moment. I’m unsure what it would be about, but I’m itching to tick it off my list of things I want to experience.

15. Learn to Bake

For someone with a sweet tooth, I’m really terrible at baking. I’ve only assisted in making meat pies. Asides that, I binge-watch recipes on Food Network. There’s something about the taste of homemade pastries, and I want to experience that.

16. Host in my own home

I love hosting. I’ve watched my parents do it wholeheartedly and hope to pass it on. Before 30, I’ll love to have my friends over at my place and share deep conversations over a good meal. It could be on bible study or board games but basically- a safe space for adults!

17. Have a Team for the Blog

I envision the blog with a team of content managers, lawyers, writers and editors. I can’t take the blog to the height I dream of by running a one-man show. This comes with money and good relationships, so I look forward!

18. A Functional YouTube channel

I started a YouTube channel for the blog a year ago. My goal was to utilize it for video content. YouTube is an exciting platform, and while I look forward to going there, it requires a lot of dedication which IG and TT are already taking from me. Anytime someone recommends it to me, I remember that it’s one of the things I want to do, but I need to take it one step at a time.

Till then, you can subscribe here. I post Youtube shorts on skincare occasionally.

19. Go on a brand-sponsored trip

Imagine an all-expense paid trip with a brand that you love! I want to experience this. Most of the brands that do so usually go for big influencers, but a girl can dream, yeah?

20. Make a more significant investment in my craft

I already invest in my art.

From a yearly blog renewal to paid content classes and even my props. I included this because a significant purchase for the blog would be a camera. This would be for better product photography and video creation. Cameras are pricey, but I aim to get a good one before 30!

21. Own a pet

No, not a dog! A rabbit. I don’t even like touching animals, but my brother’s rabbit has made me rethink pets.

22. Re-join Toastmasters international

Toastmasters is a public speaking club. My first introduction to it was as a med school orators club member. The club was affiliated with Toastmasters, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay as a student. Now that I’m done, it’s a commitment I want to renew.

Joining a speech club has been one of the best decisions of my adult life. Not only did I learn to speak well, but it’s also helped me create content and build relationships with people. Definitely recommend!

23. Try more foreign dishes

Asides from my native Igbo and Nigerian meals, I’ve managed to try Indian and Chinese dishes. I want to try more Asian meals and any well-cooked meal that looks different from what I’m used to.

24. Makeup like a pro

From not giving a hoot about makeup to learning about it and now doing so myself- my journey with makeup has been exciting.

The next stage for me is actually to do my makeup flawlessly. I believe I’m getting there🤭

25. Visit at least one wonder of the world

I love Indian culture, so the Taj Mahal is high on my dream list.

26. Have a passive source of income

Of course, financial independence is one of the things we all aspire for. One way I think of a passive income source is via digital products. That would mean me creating something that provides a solution for people, even without me being there. I look forward to it!

27. Dust off the cobwebs on my violin

I think this particular one is more of a wish than a reality, but I will just put it here. I got a violin three years ago, and after my initial lessons, I haven’t picked it up again. I even named it Aurora but look at me!

Part of me wants to become a good violin player, but am I willing to do the work? We’ll see!

28. Learn more about my family history and perhaps document it

I believe everyone should learn about their family history. It makes you understand certain decisions and behaviours you notice among family members. You won’t always have everyone around, so have those conversations!

29. Play video games with bae and beat him at it!

Tell him to get ready. That’s all!

30. Have a dedicated home church

My church journey has been the definition of highs and lows. I finally found a place that felt like home but couldn’t continue for long. Having a church community is hard work, but it’s good work. Although I’m part of one now, I still look forward to having that again!

One thing I would not do is stress about hitting every one of these items. I want to be intentional about living, and that’s how I got to write this list. There would be an update, God willing, by 30!

Can you believe I’m writing about 30, lool!

Thanks for reading this far. Which of these can you relate to? Please leave a comment because I’m looking forward to reading them!


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Comments (6)

  • Amanda 7 months ago Reply

    Love this. We’re literally twinzzzz
    also i used to play the violin at some point but i haven’t touched it in yearssss

    Iruoma Osonwa 7 months ago Reply

    Awwwww😂 the violin must be looking at us with bombastic side eye! Thanks dear💚

  • Chiamaka 7 months ago Reply

    I have been dreaming of visiting Paris since I was 10 and I can’t wait to live my dreams!
    I also want to join a speech club to learn public speaking.
    Violinnnn🥺. I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument and violin has been on the top of my list.

    I should write a list too💃

    Iruoma Osonwa 7 months ago Reply

    Oh my we’re twinning on a lot of things😂
    Amen @ Paris! And please join a speech club too! The violin would be awesome🥹
    And I look forward to your list!

  • Sophy 7 months ago Reply

    This was fun to read doc!
    Just curious about what u are hoping to find about ur family history?

    Iruoma Osonwa 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you, aunty! More like their life stories. I started with grandpa and realised they have so much to share!

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