On Turning Twenty-Four- Birthday feelings and reflections.

Iruoma turning 24 years

As I type this, it’s 2 hours to my 24th birthday and the “birthday feeling” was absent. Before this, I would have been shy to admit my age, especially when accomplishments are associated with age. Imagine the unnecessary pressure! Who actually made a big deal of numbers/ age? Okay before I digress, don’t lose me yet.

I’m writing this post for 2 reasons. 

The first is I am now more intentional about documenting my journey. I also want to process all the memories and keep them safe with words. The second reason is, writing helps me think about stuff in retrospect. I can think about the emotions I felt at a point and relive them while writing. That’s classic if you ask me. Thank God for it!

Now let’s start with the little miracles and things I’ve learned in the past year because I can be cheesy. Frankly, I thought this year was gonna be different when it comes to school. For context, I’m at home, the second time in a row thanks to COVID. Plus it’s the second time my birthday is falling on the “break”. I would be lying if I said it didn’t suck. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t focus on the annoying things in this post, okay? Good!

This past year, I’ve learned the value of being vulnerable. Asking my friends to take my pictures and videos for content creation without feeling awkward. Crying and laughing openly. Also, explaining what I mean without depending on my regular “I don’t know”. That’s a big win.

I also learned to say “No”. A friend of mine said I say no now with no guilt. It was a big struggle until I learned that “No” can be good, and I didn’t have to explain my reason.

I learned to unashamedly market my skills. By the way, why have you not subscribed to my newsletter? You’re missing out on gems. Sign up here.

Another thing I learned, is to experiment and learn new things. Examples are: my current ear piercings, coloring my hair (with a temporary dye though, lol), taking pictures of everything I think is beautiful, taking up skills, and asking questions no matter how silly I think they are. My self-sufficient-stay-in-your-comfort-zone personality would have cringed, but look at God!

This past year, I learned to hold tensions and see the beauty in them. The tension between hope and grief. Between love and loss. Between joy and heartache. I also learned to be empathetic. To keep dying to self as hard as that is.

Turning 24 in curlfit
Rocking my Curlfit colored hair.

I’ve also learned to not share my story with everyone. Just to a few people, we were not meant to bare our souls to every single soul we meet. For our sake and theirs in the long run. I learned to continuously be unashamed about my faith. A Jesus girl I’ll always be.

Okay, this post is getting longer than I planned so I’ll stop here.

I’m super grateful that I get to celebrate another year regardless. Like David in Psalm 42:5, I’ll remind my soul to yet hope in God. Who better to write our story than the One who oversees the world? Sending virtual cakes and hugs your way!

PS- you’re reading this 5 days post-birthday, but who cares? wink


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Comments (13)

  • Debzyy 3 years ago Reply

    Loved reading this.
    I’ve also been learning that learning to say no can be quite a good thing and we don’t have to bare our hearts to everyone.
    Love the birthday pictures and I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

    iruoma 3 years ago Reply

    Yes girl @ no! Thank you so much b❤️

  • Dayo 3 years ago Reply

    Okay these post is getting longer than i planned 😂😂 that got me..
    But in a nutshell, you sound like one who is happy with the woman you are becoming, considering the fact that there is a freedom that comes from saying no without feeling guilty..it takes courage and self determination to arrive at th💃is point. All I can see is growth, keep it up dear 💪

    iruoma 3 years ago Reply

    Awww thank you Dayo😂 Yes @ growth! Thanks again🤗

  • Nqobile Mdletshe 3 years ago Reply

    Oh this is so well written. I felt every word. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.

    iruoma 3 years ago Reply

    Awww thank you sis🥺❤️

  • Chidiebere Uloaku Emeruwa 3 years ago Reply

    To think I resonated with most of what you wrote ,like; the age and success measure, learning to say “No” especially. I am learning to learn, seek knowledge, get out of my comfort zone. I trust this new year you’ll record even more feats.

    iruoma 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much Chidiebere!
    It always feels good to know that people can relate, and amen. For you too!

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  • Zandra Creegan 2 years ago Reply

    Hello. fantastic job. I did not anticipate this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

    iruoma 2 years ago Reply

    My pleasure!

  • marizon ilogert 2 years ago Reply

    I think this is among the most vital info for me. And I’m glad read your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles are really nice: D. Good job, cheers

    Iruoma Osonwa 2 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much!

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