Ten Easy Ways to Give The Best Father’s Day Gifts.

Father’s day is in a few days (June 20th), and while things aren’t fully back to normal, we must hold on to celebrating such events. No friend, you don’t get a pass at skipping father’s day gifts! Our dads need some extra love this year as well.

Buying a gift for either of my parents always sparks some joy in me. As I get older, I realize that every little gesture matters. Sometimes getting the “perfect gift” leaves me clueless, but I have gotten some help at figuring it out and you deserve that too! Keep reading to get some simple ideas on how to gift your dad this year!

A special Father’s day gift doesn’t have to break the bank. In today’s post, I share an option for every budget. Feel free to play around them and curate something specific to your dad’s tastes. Here’s a list of things you can get your dad this coming father’s day (and any other day you decide to spoil your pops).

A lovely wallet.

Do you know how dads can forget that their wallet needs to be changed? I think it’s a thoughtful gift. Plus it’s something that is functional and can be used repeatedly. JUMIA has a ton of options and it’s their anniversary month.

A chilled bottle of wine.

Go on with a chilled bottle of wine. My dad loves a wine gift- red wine or fruit wine. They make for a lovely gift, and you can pour a glass and gist about past events and memories. You can get this at any food store or supermarket.

Father's Day Gifts-Wine
Photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash

A Customized Mug

If your dad loves tea or coffee or simply enjoys using a mug, then you could make a customized one. A custom-made one depending on if your pops like it. Customized gifts are still in vogue and what better way to remind your father of his special place in your heart than with a customized gift? Customized mugs are a simple and fun way to get creative and infuse that with functionality

Snacks and pastries

I’m a firm believer in indulging your sweet tooth once a while (okay my once a while is not true, lol). If your father loves snacks but restricts them because of his health, then it would be a perfect fit. the good thing is that there are now options- healthy snacks, granola bars, crackers, banana bread, vegan cake and so much more. My dad is super conscious about what he eats but I see the way his eyes light up when I buy him biscuits. but on this special day, a plate of cake or banana bread won’t hurt at all.

Clothes and accessories.

If you still find yourself stuck on what to get, why not a tee-shirt? You can never have too many tees right? I think the same applies to our dads. If you cant get a shirt, there are accessory options like bow ties, ties, cufflinks, or a pair of socks.

Father's Day Gifts- cufflink
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash


If your dad loves shoes, then this gift idea is a no-brainer. This father’s day, you can gift him a pair of handmade leather sandals or shoes. If he’s into sports, a nice pair of sneakers would suffice. I bet he would be so glad about it! Check out Zees Closet and Fitters footwear for options.

Order a Food Tray.

Food trays are so cute! It could serve as a breakfast in bed or just a package on its own. One thing I like about food trays is their versatility. You can pick different dishes your dad likes and make them a whole meal.

Father's Day Gifts-from Lyndishes
Courtesy: Lydishes- Enjoyment Platter.

A Photo Frame/ Art piece.

Memories are timeless. You can frame a favorite picture of your dad or of the family and gift him. Nowadays, there are wall frames of art collections so if your dad loves art,m that could be a special gift for him. I love the designs on Zoe’s Frames and Aduke Wall Frames. You can check them out.

Play with Jewelry.

My dad loves a neckpiece and can almost never be seen without his smartwatch. I’ve seen some fathers like that as well, so I believe it would be a great gift option. The best part is they don’t have to be limited to only silver or gold. Explore! There are now leather bracelets too. Perhaps something with his name engraved on it as well. For the fitness dads, a fitness tracker could also come in as a handy gift (pun intended, lol).

Father's Day Gifts- Smart watch
Photo by Ivan Shilov on Unsplash.

Fill up a Gift Box.

There’s something about a well-curated gift box that screams love! If you’re still not sure what to get for a Father’s day gift, consider a gift box with lovely little treats. Here you have the liberty of adding things your dad loves and putting them all together. Some of my favorite Insta gift stores are some pf m,y favorite gift shops are Luxeandpearl gift shop and Kenny’s Corner store.

Father's Day Gifts-Gift box
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

Hope you found this helpful! Happy Father’s Day to the men who have gone the extra mile for us.

Ps- I’m not an affiliate for any of these stores. These recommendations are purely from my experience and reviews of others.

Have an awesome weekend friends!

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