10 Refreshing And New Things Content Creation Has Taught Me

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Hello friends!

I’m writing this in the middle of preparing for a school exam. Such is my life these days, lol. Lately, I have fallen into the rabbit hole of wanting every blog post to be perfect before I share. While chasing quality and consistency is a commitment, I do not want to forget my reason for blogging in the first place- sharing experiences and thoughts for others to equip and inspire.

I have been a content creator for less than a year (10/11 months actually) and it has been an eye opening journey, My motivation for sharing some of the things I’ve learned on this journey, is to encourage you to do things you never thought you could. My friend used to tell me, “Stop hiding”. 2020 was the push for that encouragement.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The first thing I learned is people would not understand immediately and that is OKAY!

Don’t expect everyone to understand at the beginning. When I started, I was clueless and I wasn’t sure how others would see me. Even at home, when I would sit behind my phone camera and make a video or take some pictures, my siblings were confused and would give me the stare “what is this one doing?” It was hilarious. I’m the superconscious type of girl this was new territory.

You would not get a pat on the back everyday.

I had to learn to cheer myself while others caught up. Personally, people-pleasing is a struggle. It’s something God keeps working on in my heart. Content creation exposed that weakness, and I dare say it’s one of the tools God is using to make me depend less on people’s approval. When I started out, the fear of people’s opinions on a post would stop me from uploading. I also measured my content’s value solely by the metrics such as likes, comments, etc.

It’s a process, but I can say I’m not where I was 10 months ago. There is a context for approval when it comes to content creation (and other forms of services to be honest), especially if you want to know what your audience responds better to. Just don’t wait for approval for every step you take. It is hindering.

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Clarity is gained on the road.

I wanted to be a boss at everything when I started. I thought I needed all the resources that would prepare me. Poor me! You will never be ready if you keep waiting to perfect all the skills you need to start.

It was in that season I wrote about the myth of one extra. It was like a letter to my always-wanting-to-figure-out everything-first self. Now that I look at some of the things I’ve learned on this job, I’m amazed. Asides from skills gained, I have also had more clarity on the things I want to share with others, aka one of the reasons I decided to start a blog.

Please do not wait until everything is clear before you proceed. If the Lord has given you that desire and gift, best believe that it is in action that you would learn more. Plus things and interest change so get into the work and see what works.

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Invest in your craft.

Content creation has taught me to constantly invest in myself. I’ve had to pay for web hosting, courses and other things. Not only financially, but with my time as well. It’s not an easy thing, but I’m aware of the goal and it’s a motivation. Creating content showed me the value of investing in myself and honing my craft better.

Put yourself out there.

I attended a class during the lockdown and the speaker mentioned something that struck me. The work doesn’t end with you creating but drawing people’s attention. For instance, if you write and don’t tell people you write, then it stays with you. If you write and promote, someone sees it and could tell another person.

Take a break.

It’s almost ironic but being a content creator has taught me the value of breaks. It’s easy to get sucked in with all the information and sharing of ideas. I have learned to take more mental and physical breaks. Plus it helps my creativity!

Not everything behind the screen is real so don’t compare.

Comparison is the thief of joy. I have leaned and still learning not to compare my journey with someone else’s or even my looks. We only see a little fraction of someone’s life via their content. If I don’t know the nitty gritty details of their process so why compare? Even if I knew, it’s not enough reason to compare.

This has helped me discover my unique voice, ditch trying to be perfect and focus on my journey, because no one can create content like I do.

Learn from others.

I have learned from people’s experience and insight. Content creation has taught me that I can learn from anyone- younger or older. It has has given me a platform to learn from people I never knew and be inspired by them.

Be open to new ideas.

There’s always a new idea to try out. I have learned not to cancel something totally till I understand it to an extent. When I say new ideas, I’m a bit wary that I might be understood, lol. I mean new ways to create content. Another instance is the raving reels on Instagram. There are trending challenges and seeing others do it motivates me to try it out even though I had no idea about it before.

Live a little.

I used to be very uptight. Creating content has made me laugh at myself, laugh at jokes, feel free and not take myself seriously all the time. It has allowed me show my goofy side more and I’m here for it!

This phase of my life has been interesting, not only to family and friends but even to me. I feel like a part of the audience watching my growth and it’s been refreshing. I hope this encourages you to stop hiding and share your gifts with others- whether it is via creating content or not.

Till next time, have an amazing weekend ahead!

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